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Privicy Policy


There is no personal data captured, processed nor transmitted with the exception of the contact form which is optional. There are no cookies used on this website.

By filling in the contact form and clicking "Send Message" you accept the fact that the given data is only used for correspondence between you and Owlix for the given reason. Your data will not be passed on to a third party. Passing on data is only possible when you approve.

Owlix App

The App Owlix processes the location of your smartphone to link location-based information of venues to your location. By using the App it can happen that Owlix processes your actual location. To determine the location we use a technology which identifies a rough location where your smartphone is located. The technology uses known Wi-Fi hotspots and cell towers or GPS to determine the location of the smartphone. The determined location has a radius of few meters. The location of your smartphone is only saved until the next refresh process is started.

Turn location service on to get the full Owlix experience. Give Owlix the permission to use your location. The first time the app tries to access your location, it will ask for your permission. If you want you can turn the location service of at anytime. By deactivating the location service you block the app associate venues with your location.


We want to point out that by using the app you don't have a claim for any specific reduction listed in the app. We endeavor to provide correct and up to date information about the venues and their happy hours. If you come across a mistake or inconsistency, please write us an email or use the contact form.

Although we regularly check the happy hour we cannot guarantee that the data provided is correct, complete or current. We therefore are not liable for any damage that might occure when using the app.

Changes to the privat policy and the disclaimer reserved.

Write us

We are always happy to receive feedback. If you have any questions just write us.


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